Thursday, July 29, 2010

File Folder Games & Activities

I have fallen in love with file folder games! I didn't explore these much when I was teaching school. Of course, I didn't have any $$ and before the days of wide-spread internet access these were expensive. I was also not that creative (still not, truth be told). BUT, I have really gotten excited about them for Baker. Not only do they help reinforce skills in a fun way, it is something that he can do independently. 
They will take some time on your part but the games can be laminated and used over and over with multiple children. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy and all sorts of ideas will come to you. I've even taken worksheets from and turned them into a file folder activity with minimal work. 
Check out this site for a great jump start. The best way is to join so that you can get full access to pix from other users and such. Your membership will have to be approved but it's free, doesn't take long and you can start working before approval is given. There are a lot of Google text ads but such things do not bother me when I'm getting such a great resource for FREE!!
Have fun and share your ideas and pix. I get inspired by the ideas of others and I always need more inspiration and energy!

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