Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally - pix as promised

I am finally getting back to my blog. The first week of Loften Academy went pretty well. We had a couple of "sit on the laundry room stairs until you can obey" incidents but I was prepared for them to happen. Fortunately, he decided that having nothing to look at but the washing machine was pretty boring and the 2nd time out was much shorter than the first one - LOL!

I have to say that we are love, love, loving the work box system. Thank you, Sue Patrick! It is so nice to see the work getting done and incorporating centers and lap books and games and other such goodies to reinforce the lessons has been so easy! Baker gets excited to do that sort of stuff and I can really see what he has mastered and what we need to re-cover and/or practice a bit more. 

I even got it together enough to set up some "work" for Anna Marie. She has gotten in the spirit of it all as well. When I announced on Friday that it was time for school, she went straight to the door and attempted to turn the knob while saying "bye". She has even sat in her chair and wanted to work like her brother does. She has been "singing" the alphabet song with him, clapping when he recites or reads his memory work and so on.

I have, of course, been tweaking things as we go along so I'm still spending a lot of my time in that "first year of teaching" mode when you are just consumed mentally and physically with getting things "just right". Click here to see the pix! Explore the links on the left. There will be many more to add and I'll touch on each one over the next however many months. 

Most of all, go and experience God's pleasure in your steadfast home school, mom, wife journey. We change the world, ladies! Don't let Satan try to convince you otherwise.

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