Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review - Barefoot Book of Knights w/ CD

 I have to share this book! This is a smaller publisher that I was not familiar with until a few months ago. I ordered this book for our medieval history. I was drawn to it because of the gorgeous illustrations and the CD. I love it now because it's even better than I imagined. Baker has been listening to the CD at rest time and at bedtime. He is hooked. 
Why do I love it so?
1. The beautiful artwork (sorry that the image won't load; click on the link)
2. The fabulous narration on the CD - even better since I would butcher some of the names
3. Stories from all over the world - many (o.k., most) I had never heard
4. Reinforces positive character traits such as bravery, humility, loyalty and hard work
5. Baker gets productive down time and I get some moments to myself as well. I'm always for that since it gives a chance to "reboot" before the last leg of the day and we are all in better moods as a result.
If you can't afford to buy it, check your local library. I, for one, consider this to have been a fab purchase on my part. Even better, this is on sale for the next few days. (Christmas is a'coming, peeps, so think ahead.)

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