Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Target, baby!

I ran into my local west Little Rock Target to return some things and checked out the $1 / $2.50 section. The buzz on some of my Yahoo groups and blogs that I drop in on and scan were full of home school and/or parent treasures just waiting to be found in this area. Sure enough, I found some more! (This was my third cruise through that area specifically for school stuff. Don't tell my husband - LOL!)

I found a tabletop standing pocket chart ($2.50) and another one that can be hung or used flat ($1). My mind is reeling with the possibilities for these. I bought a Math Bingo game for $1. I bought two pencil cups for my desk along with a long note pad to jot down the random thoughts that will cross my mind while I'm at my desk. There are still flashcards and workbooks and write on/wipe off mats, pencils, stickers, teacher plan books, puzzles and all sorts of things that I already have or something similar so I refrained. They have shallow boxes for $2.50 that would work very well with the work box system along with the chrome shelves that are reasonably priced and still available.

I also purchased "milk crate" containers in the college room section for $2 each. They were in the weekly flier so I was hoping that some were left. There were and a good selection of colors as well. The crates stack and can be used with hanging file folders. I have one FULL of Math goodies and one FULL of language goodies. I will probably get another to store puzzles for the puzzle center. Have fun shopping!

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