Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I like

I will work my way through my fave links list. I hope all the hours of lost sleep on my part were worth it for someone besides me - LOL! 

I'm going to introduce you to first because it's high on my favorites and there is little to no prep work so it's a great kick start! I have printed out quite a few things from here and filed by subject so I have supplemental stuff right at hand in the school room. I even took one worksheet and turned it into a file folder activity.
  1. It's FREE!
  2. The search options are phenomenal so it's easy to find exactly what you can use right now.
  3. You can add activities and worksheets to a "my favorites" folder - woohoo!
  4. The submissions are extremely high-quality. For example, I have found many pages submitted by BrainQuest which publishes some awesome learning supplements.
  5. Did I mention that it's FREE? (LOL)
There are some ads BUT they are not at all intrusive. One "commercial" will come up when you are going to your favorites folder but it's easy to skip. As far as I'm concerned, this is a teeny tiny "price" to pay for the treasure trove.

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