Friday, August 27, 2010

Accidental Learning

Sometimes, the best ideas hit me in the middle of a lesson. I was showing Baker pictures of frescoes and we were discussing what a fresco is. It dawned on me - let him "paint a fresco"! I'm not brave enough to get out the paints but I did have him tape some paper to the underside of his desk and use markers to draw. Of course, this project induced some giggles but he got the idea. He even caught on to the fact that these were usually religious scenes painted specifically for a grand church. He loved it and did several pictures.

I say as often as possible, act on those brainstorms and see what happens. That's one of the advantages of home schooling. Classroom teachers also get great spontaneous ideas but it's hard to implement them on the fly with a whole classroom of children. I speak from experience on this one. Have fun! (Uh, yes he is in pajamas / costume and those are Sponge Bob magnets behind him. Don't ask. I pick and choose my battles. )

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